The Interlock Program

The Interlock Program

An Interlock is a small, hand-held breath-testing device fitted to a vehicle’s ignition. They may be fitted to cars, motorcycles, trucks or buses. The driver must blow into the interlock before attempting to start the vehicle, and if his or her Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is higher than the pre-set level, the vehicle will not start.

Interlocks are also programmed to require a breath sample at random intervals (after several minutes warning, to allow a driver to pull over) while the vehicle is being driven. In addition to preventing the vehicle from starting, the interlock also records data on the use of the vehicle and any attempts to circumvent the use of the interlock, such as roll starting.

Interlock Service Locations

All three interlock companies (listed below) have service outlets throughout the Melbourne metropolitan and regional Victoria. There are also outlets in other states.

You will dedicate to one of these service outlets and service the interlock on a monthly basis until the end of your interlock condition.

When do I install the interlock? 

When you have completed your Behaviour Change Program (as instructed by VicRoads), you must then install an interlock device before you get your licence back.

For more detailed information. See VicRoads Website

Interlock Providers

  1. Guardian
  2. Draegar
  3. Smart Start


This is an article written to assist you to reduce mishaps during the interlock condition.