Drink Driving Offence Melbourne, Alcohol & Road Safety Programs

About Us

Aussie Drink Drive is a professional and friendly service which aims to provide you with professional guidance and support to restore your licence. We have been assisting Victorian’s with their relicensing needs since 2010.

Our aim is to help you get safely back on the road.

Aussie Drink Drive facilitators/Assessors are qualified, and specialise in understanding the complexities of our human experience. Facilitators and Assessors have backgrounds in social sciences, drug and alcohol, in mental health and family / social relationships.

Our background experience is also invaluable in writing complex reports necessary for preparation for Licence Eligibility Orders and Interlock Condition Removals for Court. Our experience and qualifications provide facilitators/Assessors with an appreciation of the disruption that losing a licence can have on your life.

Minimising mishaps during your interlock program.

The aim of this article is to provide some tips about how you can avoid mishaps whilst on an interlock program.

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Education Program

The purpose of the education program is to present you with information on:

  • “Safer drinking” as defined by the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines.
  • Understanding standard drinks.
  • Guidelines for estimation and reduction of BAC.
  • Identify and effectively change drinking behaviours, patterns, habits or adjusting your lifestyle.
  • Skills to cope through life’s challenges.
  • Driver safety (principles of defensive driving).
  • Effective strategies to separate drinking from driving.